Applying for the scheme

Are you a lawyer feeling threatened due to the work that you do? Do you require emergency assistance? Apply for the Paris Bar respite scheme.

Applications must be submitted by or on behalf of the lawyer that needs to relocate temporarily due to risks faced in the course of their work. These risks must justify the need for emergency assistance to keep the lawyer safe.    

Any lawyer in danger due to their work, in connection with sensitive cases they are working on, such as defending political opponents, journalists, those facing the death penalty, indigenous people, torture victims, LGBT persons, religious minorities, or cases involving corruption or the environment, is eligible for the scheme., irrespective of their country of origin. 

Lawyers subject to being struck off or facing fitness to practice procedures are also eligible for the scheme if these measures have been unfairly imposed due to the nature of their cases.  

The applicant must be temporarily relocated due to the risks faced in the course of their work and must receive help to stay safe.   

The following criteria will be taken into account for each application: 

IdentityThe application is for a lawyer facing threats and/or attacks that constitute breaches of the guarantees afforded to lawyers as stated in the Basic Principles on the role of lawyers adopted by the eighth UN Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders, that took place in Havana, Cuba, from 27 August to 7 September 1990.


Circumstances and assessment of the nature of the risksThe nature of the risks faced by the lawyer is examined in detail: does the lawyer face intimidation, persecution, threats, attacks, harassment, arrest, being blacklisted, etc.? These risks must be proven, and their connection to the lawyer’s work shown.  


RequirementsThe applicant requires help to temporarily relocate (difficulties accessing other types of assistance or reasons why other forms of protection are not suitable will be taken into account). 

The lawyer, or the organisation representing them, must submit an application to the Paris bar Shelter programme though a specific form. 

Once all of the required information has been gathered, the application will be submitted to the respite scheme selection committee who will make a decision within two months.

If the application is particularly urgent, it will be fast-tracked in order to provide the lawyer or their organisation with an answer within fifteen (15) working days after the application is deemed complete.  

How to contact the Repit program for your application?

The Repit program has set up a secured communication procedure, from which you may benefit.

Therefore, in order to send your application, you must establish a first contact with the program. This first contact can be directly done here.

Following this first contact we will be able to establish, according to your security requirements, the most appropriate means so that you can send us the documents essential for your application:
-    Completed application form;
-    Passport scan;
-    Scan of the professional card or the license to practice as a lawyer.

All of these documents can be kept in a digital safe. 

Please find the application form here.

The application form include the following sections:

  • Personal information in relation to the applicant;
  • Explanation of the risks to the lawyer’s safety;  
  • Explanation of the activities the lawyer intends to carry out when relocated (professional activity, training, treatment, advocacy, etc.) 
  • Organisations contacted for assistance, including financial help;
  • Strategy for returning to the country of origin;
  • References provided by individuals and organisations confirming the applicant’s situation and the danger faced;
  • The estimated daily cost of the assistance sought, in euros, with a breakdown and explanation of expenses (excluding transport and accommodation).