Shelter programme and respite scheme for lawyers throughout the world under threat, in line with the tradition of hospitality and protecting the defence of the Paris Bar.  

Traditionally, lawyers turn to the Paris Bar when their human rights are in danger. When fundamental freedoms are at stake or exercising the rights of defence is hindered, or even impossible, the Paris Bar is there to provide help and support.  

Violations of the rule of law are becoming more and more frequent, and lawyers working on sensitive cases are more exposed and isolated now than ever. In view of this, the Paris Bar has decided to set up a shelter programme and respite scheme for lawyers under threat throughout the world.



An innovative scheme

It seeks to give lawyers the opportunity to spend some time away from their respective countries and to escape the stressful and difficult situations that they operate in, and to keep those seen to be most at risk away from any immediate danger. 



Lawyers in danger

Any lawyers who are in danger due to the nature of their work and sensitive cases they are dealing with can take part in the programme, irrespective of their country of origin. 

Practical information


Respite scheme

Lawyers benefiting from the scheme will be hosted for a fixed period of between two weeks and three months. 


For its first year, the scheme will be funded by the Paris Bar.

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